Laura Finaldi in Jordan, 2012

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I’ll post something longer later, but for now it needs to be said that I a) am happy with the progress I have made thus far on my reporting and b) have never been happier to hear a Pixies song than I am right now. Kate’s iTunes is on shuffle and “Here Comes Your Man” just came on. Oh how I miss my 90s grunge. I always kind of look like a lesbian rolling out of a hole filled with Jack Daniel’s when I’m in Boston–flannel, jeans, lip ring (oh how I miss you my dear sweet lip ring) which I think is pretty emblematic of grunge … Kaylee would be proud. God damn you Pixies. You’re just too good.
Here’s the song, so you can all share in my joy:


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June 1, 2012 at 9:49 pm

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